Please find below our references. We will update them regularly, feel free to ask any questions about our projects. Note that we will only give the adress of the client when permission is given by that client.

24 June 2014
This project is a typical example to show the knowhow and approach of All-Energy. Our first project realized in the province of Antwerp - Belgium. The 10kW turbine has 3 blades (4m) and the base has a height of 15 metres. The building permit was obtained and meets all environmental standards, sound and shadow is minimal and within the accepted norm.  The turbine is maintenance-free for 30 years.  
11 March 2014
This project is located in Sint-Gilles Waas. The turbine has an electrical output of 10KW, its blades are 4 meter, it ways around 2400kgs and it has a hight of 15 meter. The control box is state of the art.