About Us

Since 2009, All-Energy is bringing green energy within the reach for everyone. Onshore windturbines, mainly with vertical axel, are our core bussines. This type of turbine gives a great ratio of efficiency and maintenance, they don't have turn into the wind in order to work and they easily blend in with little noise.

 As a young and dynamic company we are constantly researching and developing all the aspects to create low maintenance and high rendement windturbines. Adding professional construction and secure folow-up to our services we would like to present ourselves as your new windenergy-partner.

 Our mission statement

 Energy is a hot topic today: increased consumption, increased cost, depleted natural resources, our dependence on foreign sources, and the impact on the environment and the danger of global warming. Something has to change. Wind energy has great potential to lessen our dependence on traditional resources and to do it without as much damage to the environment.

 Wind has been the fastest growing source of electricity generation in the world through the 1990s. With largely untapped wind energy resources throughout the country and declining wind energy costs.

 Advantages of wind energy:

  • Wind is free.
  • No fossil fuels are used to generate electricity.
  • Newer technologies make energy production much more efficient.
  • Wind turbines take up less space than the average power station (a few square feet for the base). The  turbines can be placed in remote locations, such as offshore, mountains and deserts.
  • When combined with other alternative energy sources, wind can provide a reliable supply of electricity.

There is a need to urgently redefine the way we generate our energy to support a growing population facing the challenges of energy security and climate change. The world must transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to one where renewable energy sources allow current and future generations to continue to progress and live affordable, healthy and happier lives.

This is what All-Energy is all about.